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Kulkarni’s Academy provides live classes and study material for GATE and ESE preparation that is comprehensive and easy to understand. The live classes and study material covers the entire syllabus right from the basic theories to exam based exercise modules to ensure proper clarity over every concept and enhance theoretical as well as application based understanding.

The complete theory and exercise modules are prepared by experienced persons who are also the esteemed faculty members of Kulkarni Academy. All the study material provided for GATE and ESE help extensively in giving guidance and support to the aspirants for GATE and ESE examinations with an edge of competitive advantage.

Using a well-framed study material that has been designed on precision and proper sequence is very useful in developing confidence and eliminating performance anxiety in the students. This is the reason why we are so bent towards giving the best live classes and study material for GATE and ESE preparation with latest pattern so that all the GATE aspirants can benefit from it.

Start from basic understanding

Builds concept at reat exam level

Practice on concept application

Develops confidence for top rank

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