K. Niharika (TSGENCO)

I feel my self lucky to have Kulkarni sir as my guru. The best part of my life is to join KAME. My life has been changed completely, it’s a turning point in my life. The subjects which were taught by Kulkarni sir were really wonderful. I consider it as no one in this world can teach the subject like Kulkarni sir. He explain the subject with live examples through which we will be understanding concepts deeply and after listening to class I used search for questions to solve that particular concept. I loved the subject like anything, not only subject but also the values and discipline taught by sir were very much useful in life. I consider the days which were spent in KAME as golden days in my life. Energy levels during my coaching were really very high which we cannot get anywhere in any coaching centre. I don’t feel it as a coaching centre, it is a temple for me. My dream was to become power engineer, it got fulfilled by joining KAME.